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A Forward Look to a Roadmap for Solid Earth Science in Europe for 2013-33 (and beyond) Consultation

This is an initiative by a number of senior solid earth scientists from different areas of the discipline, including Mr. John Ludden, Director of the British Geological Survey (BGS). Mr. Ludden also brings his experience as lead for the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC – BGS’s parent body) earth science sector national capability for NERC, which goes far beyond the role of BGS alone taking in much capability within UK Universities. The organisers stress they have no official mandate and this is not an initiative from the European Commission, although the EC are among those asking for coordination. It is a result of a call by some leaders, from research funders and government and private sector for the earth sciences sector community to define more coherently the research questions and infrastructure needs in their science sector. The principle target area is in solid earth sciences and its interactions with the hydrosphere and atmosphere.

The organisers’ aim is to compile a high-level Roadmap, summarising the overarching science, scientific needs and relevance to European citizens for the next 10-20 years. The overarching aims:

  • To position European earth science on the world stage
  • To raise the standing of Earth Science on National Agendas
  • To influence forthcoming H2020 calls and work programmes (leverage funding)

And secondly to pave the way for the formation of an independent European platform to represent the [Solid] Earth Science community – a Board to represent the Geosciences (cf. the current Marine Board), to promote collaboration and provide a voice for the community at European level.


The consultation document contains a distillation of ideas discussed at the above meeting. The Consultation is open to all: the wider earth science community, its stakeholders and other interested parties. Everyone has a stake. It’s our Earth.


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