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EGDI-Scope Study final event: towards a pan-European Geological Data Infrastructure

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The European Geological Data Infrastructure scope study (EGDI-Scope) is coming to the end. The project has prepared the way towards easier access to digital geological data at European scale. It has proposed the creation of an e-infrastructure, a single sustainable, permanent and repository of shared knowledge (in the form of primary and derived data) of the Geological Surveys of Europe. This will be called EGDI.

EuroGeoSurveys is pleased to announce that the EGDI-Scope final event will take place in Brussels, on Tuesday 20th May, at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences.
During the meeting, the most important results of the study will be presented, and during the Panel Session decision makers and envisaged end users will be encouraged to state their opinion of EGDI and visions for the role of European Geological knowledge and information in the future, mainly with regard to European policy development in relevant domains such as mineral resources, soil, groundwater and e-infrastructures.

For more information please visit http://www.egdi-scope.eu/

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