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    EuroGeoSurveys (EGS), The Geological Surveys of Europe, represents 33 Member Organizations, thus over 20.000 specialists working in numerous applications of geosciences to the EU society and economy. EuroGeoSurveys is a not-for-profit association working solely for the public interest.

    EuroGeoSurveys aims at providing the European Institutions with expert, neutral, balanced and practical pan-European advice and information as an aid to problem-solving, policy, regulatory and programme formulation in areas such as:

    [arrowlist]• the use and the management of on- and off-shore natural resources related to the subsurface of the Earth, (energy, including the renewable geothermal energy; minerals and water, soils, underground space and land)[/arrowlist]

    • the identification of natural hazards of geological origin, their monitoring and the mitigation of their impacts (deficit or excess of trace elements in soils and waters, earthquakes, natural emissions of hazardous gases, landslides and rockfalls, land heave and subsidence, shrinking and swelling clays;

    • environmental management, waste management and disposal; land-use planning;

    • sustainable urban development and safe construction;

    • e- government and the access to geoscientific metadata and data;

    • the development of interoperable and harmonised geoscientific data at the European scale

    The portal of EuroGeoSurveys provides an access to geoscientific metadata, information and knowledge at European and national scales, following the links in the thematic pages. It also presents information on EuroGeoSurveys its activities and the Member Organizations.

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