Event Information:

  • EGDI-Scope

    The EGDI-scope study is an EU Research project under the 7th Framework Program. The project is administered by DG Connect and executed by a project consortium of four Geological Surveys (NL, UK, F, DK), the EGS and the Catholic University of Leuven (B).

    The EGDI-Scope is a feasibility study on a European Geological Data Infrastructure’, (EGDI), which will provide the backbone for serving interoperable, pan-European geological data, and data from past, ongoing and future European projects. EGDI-Scope will assess how such an EGDI should be designed and organized in order to become the central, virtual repository of the shared knowledge (in the form of primary and derived data) of the Geological Surveys of Europe. An EGDI, based on the collaboration between the Geological Surveys of Europe and other relevant institutes holding relevant and openly available geological datasets, aims to contribute to the development of international policy, industry and science in Europe. EGDI-Scope will run for 2 years and will focus on:

    • Preparing the realization of pan-European, interoperable, thematic geological data and derived information (with regard to e.g. mineral resources, sustainable energy resources, storage space for e.g. CO2 and nuclear waste, active faults, active landslides, subsidence, geo-hazards, etc.);

    • Freely available data held in national databases (seismic data, boreholes, sample analyses, geotechnical data, geo-electric measurements, gravity data, groundwater levels and quality, etc.,)

    • to sustain results from past, on-going and future European projects

    • Integration of 3D geological and hydrogeological models into an EGDI.