Event Information:

  • Wed
    Izmir, Turkey

    The 6th International Congress of Mining Machinery and Technologies (IMMAT), organized by TMMOB Chamber of Mining Engineers of Turkey (Izmir Branch) will be held in Izmir between 18 – 21 October, 2017 together with MINEX 2017 Fair. As one of the most important events organized by Chamber of Mining Engineers of Turkey, the congress will cover a wide variety of topics to be presented and discussed by experts all around the world; including mining engineering, mineral processing, marble, machinery and equipment utilized in infrastructure constructions and their technologies.

    MINEX, 7th International Mining, Natural Resources and Technology Fair, organized by Chamber of Mining Engineers of Turkey, will be held concurrently with the congress with the participation of local and foreign firms. The products of machinery, equipment and technologies utilized in mining and infrastructure constructions will be exhibited within the context of the fair and came together with the users.

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