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Mineral Prospectivity Conference

The main objective of this mineral prospectivity contest is to encourage discussion and contacts between researchers of the mineral prospectivity scientific community. This will be achieved through the realization of predictive maps by all interested participants, using the methodology of their choice, but on a unique case study (same area, same targeted commodity, same dataset for all participants).

During the conference, resulting maps will be displayed, evaluated and compared, and methodologies will be discussed. Best predictive maps (in terms of performance) will be awarded during the conference. This will certainly trigger fruitful discussion and hopefully foster interactions and future collaborations within the scientific community.

For more information on the contest (and to download the explanatory note and the provided data set), visit the ‘Mineral prospectivity page’ of the conference web site, at: http://www.brgm.eu/content/mineral-prospectivity-contest

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