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  • Wed

    Conference: Is There a Role For Innovation In the Sustainable Management of Raw Materials? 2013

    <strong>Brussels, Belgium</strong>

    The European Commission recently launched the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials featuring innovation as a core channel for managing raw materials sustainably and meeting EU needs. In view of responding to the growing demand from consumers, while avoiding to further dig the gap between imports and exports, fostering the emergence of new technologies appears to be one of the solutions. In the framework of the discussions on, and implementation of, the Partnership's strategy, the workshop will seek to provide answers to the concrete role that innovation can play throughout the value chain process - from the extractive stage, through processing, to recycling. Some questions will be addressed, such as: - Can innovation be the miracle solution? - What are the limits to innovation? This conference will be the first event organised by the new working group entitled "Business and Raw materials" of the EP Intergroup "Climate Change Biodiversity and Sustainable Development." It will bring together the various actors in the sector to debate on the role of new technologies in fostering more efficient production, use and recycling of raw materials in view of feeding into the broader discussion recently launched by the European Commission.