Event Information:

  • Mon

    Geomol Brussels Information Day 2013

    Brussels, Belgium

    GeoMol’s Brussels Information Day is mainly geared towards briefing decision makers and professionals on EU level on the objective and scope of the transnational GeoMol project and on the political dimension of its deliverables. Projects like GeoMol – within the framework of INSPIRE – help to overcome constraints in harmonised planning at transnational level and thus are geared for adding value to the sustainable resources management – in economical, ecological and societal terms.
    The event also aims to raise awareness for the need of a legal framework supporting the open (role based) data access for the utilisation of the subsurface. In virtue of its transnational approach the GeoMol project will help to improve and develop existing policies with instruments ready for implementation and will contribute to the third dimension of the pan European Geological Data Infrastructure.  Coherencies and collaborations with other EU projects will be presented as well as the developments of GeoMol as a response on the European Parliament’s and the European Commission’s request for a harmonised geological knowledge base to meet the increasing relevance of transnational geological information for policy and economy.