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    GEochemical Mapping of Agricultural and grazing land Soil of Europe (an Atlas)


    On the 5th of December 2013, on the occasion of the UN World Soil Day, the GEMAS (GEochemical Mapping of Agricultural and Grazing Land Soil) Atlas will be launched as a flagship of the event in Rome at the Headquarters of FAO, which will be the host to hundreds of authorities coming from all over the World.

    The GEMAS project provides for the first time a fully harmonised, freely available and interoperable geochemical data on the natural distribution of chemical elements and of parameters determining their availability in soil at the continental scale. The data set is based on low-density sampling of both agricultural and grassland soil across 33 European countries, representing an area of 5.6 million km2, and comprises more than 60 chemical elements and additional parameters, determined on more than 4,000 soil samples. Some key results will be presented during the plenary session attended by hundreds of authorities coming from all over the world, and in a workshop organised by the EuroGeoSurveys Geochemistry Expert Group, who carried out the project.
    The GEMAS project has been possible thanks to the participation of 65 organisations from around the world, including almost all Geological Surveys of Europe, research organisations, universities, ministries and European associations, such as Eurometaux (the European Association of Metals) and industry partners who have cooperated to produce a fully harmonized, strictly quality controlled and freely available soil geochemical data set at the continental scale.

    For more information about the GEMAS Workshop consult FAO’s Global Soil Partnership website.

    If you are interested in attending the GEMAS workshop please send your confirmation by 30th November 2013 to both of the following email addresses: [email protected] or [email protected]

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