Event Information:

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    21st General meeting of The International Mineralogical Association IMA2014

    <strong>Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa</strong>

    As a country with a large mining and mineralogical industry, as well as strong mineralogical, geological and geochemical research initiatives, South Africa is highly appropriate to host this meeting. Most of the mines and mineral occurrences are close to good infrastructure and easily accessible. Other easily accessible southern African countries also boast some outstanding geology and mineral fields. The content of the technical sessions will reflect all the traditionally most important topics of our science as well as other, locally and internationally relevant topics. During the meeting we aim to supplement the international contributions with a showcase of South African examples of excellent research in the field of mineralogy, whilst simultaneously providing South African scientists with exposure to cutting edge research from the rest of the world. It would also be a wonderful, and affordable, opportunity to expose young scientists and students from southern Africa to both the local as well as the international mineralogical environment.