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    2nd Edition of WEASA Session 'Analysis and modelling of fast-moving flow-like phenomena'

    Salerno, Italy

    The session is organized under the 8th International Conference on Environmental and Geological Science and Engineering (EG '15) of the World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society. Fast-moving flow-like phenomena are natural hazards often associated to huge consequences in terms of property and life losses. These phenomena -such as slamming water waves, debris, mud and hyperconcentrated flows - may affect both coastal and inland areas, protected beaches and harbours as well as residential urban communities, particularly in river basins and mountainous areas. Understanding the related dynamics is fundamental for preventing them as well as for hazard assessment and mitigation control through sustainable works. The proposed session would be a fair opportunity to promote interesting exchanges among researcher in the field. More specifically, it is aimed to:
    - bring together people dedicated to theories, experiments, simulations, validation and applied aspects related to the triggering/generation and propagation stages of fast-moving flow-like phenomena as well as their interaction with structures, to identify unifying concepts and underlying processes for these kinds of events in coastal and inland regions;
    - disseminate and exchange fundamentals and applied research on hazard assessment, monitoring and real-time alert systems, mitigation control by means of structural and non-structural countermeasures.