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    UN-SPIDER - Innovations in Disaster Risk Reduction

    Budapest, Hungary

    The workshop will highlight recent advances in information and communication technologies (ICTs) and how they are empowering both decision-makers and citizens to play a proactive role in managing disaster risks and providing more effective disaster response. The program will cover a number of themes, including ICTs for DRR, innovations in climate risk management (CRM) and disaster preparedness and response, smart cities, and integration of relevant innovative solutions into sectoral and municipal development. A range of technologies will be presented including remote sensing, GIS, big data, citizen science, mobile technologies, data portals, and more.
    This joint UNDP and Central European University (CEU) workshop will combine regional UNDP experience, ICT industry expertise, and accumulated first-hand knowledge from a global network of organizations, offering both theoretical and practical skills in disaster risk reduction, monitoring, and recovery.
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