Event Information:

  • Thu

    Groundwater Thematic Workshop

    Kalmar, Sweden

    This workshop aims to gather colleagues from several Member-States to exchange knowledge between interested parties on best practices in the planning process for Integrated Water Resources Management, focusing on groundwater. This workshop is a continuation of the previous peer reviews missions.

    The workshop will deal more particularly with following aspects of groundwater management, organised in 3 sessions:

    1. Characterisation and classification of groundwater bodies (groundwater body delineation, quantitative and chemical assessment methodologies, trends evaluation and analysis, groundwater dependent ecosystems, aquatic ecosystems interaction with surface water)
    2. Management of quantitative and chemical monitoring networks (reviewing of groundwater monitoring networks, data management, screening programmes, grouping monitoring points, monitoring of groundwater bodies at risk)
    3. Programme of measures for groundwater bodies (groundwater protection, groundwater remediation, groundwater abstraction management)

    The results of the four peer review missions dealing with these topics will be synthetized and participants are invited to describe the situation encountered in their countries as well cases study related to these topics.

    Conclusions will be drawn in the form of lessons learnt from the peer review practitioners’ network, and from the presented study cases. Specific recommendations from the workshop will also be produced.

    Please find more information on the links below:
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