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    Hydrocarbons in the Mediterranean: revisiting proved plays and understanding new and emerging ideas

    Larnaca, Cyprus

    The Mediterranean is a vast area with a long geological history composed of different sedimentary basins and different tectonic settings. Despite geological complexities, several very large hydrocarbon discoveries have been made in clastic and carbonate reservoirs that span in age from Triassic to Pleistocene.

    Recently in the eastern part of the Mediterranean, impressive gas discoveries have been made: Tamar (2009), Leviathan (2010), Aphrodite (2011) and, most recently, Zohr (2015). Overall, the exploration activity has been intermittent and often focused in very limited portions of the basin.

    A large part of the Mediterranean is underexplored and the use of new seismic acquisition and drilling technologies together with recent discoveries in new plays have revitalised interest in the entire area.

    This conference aims in bringing together players in the area to share experiences and understanding of the petroleum systems and new ideas to overcome the challenges that are still present in the region and to unlock further hydrocarbon potential.

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