Event Information:

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    Geosciences Congress of Iran

    Tehran, Iran

    The 36th National and the 3rd International Geological Congress of Iran will be held in Tehran, 25th to 27thFebruary 2018. This is a well established event with more than three decades national meeting being organized by Geological Survey of Iran (GSI) every year since 1982. The congress covers all aspects of earth sciences regional to local scales studies, and deep process to surface features, as well as human and earth interaction through mining or dealing with natural hazards. The congress aims to bring together leading academic scientist and researchers and share their experience and new research results with others.  The congress provides also an opportunity to visit natural beauties and geological attractions of Iran along with unique civilization which offers visitors a distinct charm of oriental traditions.

    We, therefore, kindly invite authors to contribute to the congress through submission of their papers, abstract and attend this significant event.

    For more information, visit the website.