Event Information:

  • Fri

    European Minerals Day 2019

    Brussels, Belgium

    From 20-22 September 2019, the European Minerals Day will welcome around 30.000 people from the neighbouring communities all over Europe for exploring the world of minerals while finding out what goes behind the gates of quarries, mines or plants in their vicinity.

    This year all the interested stakeholders will have the opportunity to discover the link between the minerals and the following sectors:

    - Innovation in the local economies: minerals are at the core of a material science industry, providing a significant number of jobs;

    - Importance of value chain: raw materials are linked to industries across all supply chain stages and provide for essential products of daily use;

    - Re-industrialisation agenda: raw materials are the backbone of all value chains, and therefore essentials for the European re-industrialisation process;

    - Enabler of carbon-neutral society: raw materials facilitate the transition to a zero carbon society in all the sectors of economy;

    - Embracing the idea of a circular economy: deploying minerals will have a favourable impact on the overall economy;

    - Biodiversity: the minerals sector helps to enhance biodiversity;

    - Resource efficiency: minerals companies sustainable manage resources all through the value chain.

    Who we are: A consortium of 12 European partners, representing aggregates, cement, gypsum, industrial minerals, metals, mineral exploration, mining and salt sectors, currently leads the EMD: IMA-Europe (Coordinator), CEMBUREAU, EIT RawMaterials, EuroGypsum, Eurométaux, Euromines, EuroGeoSurveys, the European Technology Platform on Sustainable Minerals Resources, EuSalt, UEPG, with the support of IndustriAll and the European Federation of Geologists.

    For more information on the event read the press release and check the European Minerals Day 2019 website.