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    2nd Springer Conference of the Arabian Journal of Geosciences

    Sousse, Tunisia

    The Arabian Journal of Geoscience will host the second edition of the "Springer Geosciences Conference" (2nd CAJG) scheduled from 25-28 November 2019, in Sousse, Tunisia. The conference is an interesting opportunity to hear about presentations and key findings about a wide-ranging fields of Earth Sciences.

    Research studies can be submitted by 15 June 2019: Author Guidelines | Submission Platform.

    As for the registration process, on 25 July 2019, authors of the accepted papers will be invited to register online.

    Besides the main conference, two workshops are planned alongside the conference:

    1. From basin-scale to crustal and lithospheric architecture of the Maghrebides and their Atlasic-Saharan foreland: Needs for coupled deep seismic soundings and tomography
      Conveners: Sami Khomsi, Hakim Gabtni and François Roure
    2. How to prepare a successful scientific paper
      Conveners: Nabil Khélifi and Xiuping Jia

    Immediately before and after the conference, three field trips are planned to some geological wonders of Tunisia, offering the participants the opportunity to visit both northern and southern parts of Tunisia. Please, check the field trips link in order to know more.

    Fore more information about the conference please contact: [email protected].