Live broadcast date: Thursday, 22 October 2020

Artificial intelligence (AI) within the African mining space is for the most part a relatively new concept. While the industry is embracing the ideas that this technology has to offer, it is yet to fully understand what it truly means and how to incorporate it. While the world looks to enter a new AI era over the coming decades, Mining Review Africa and Africa Mining Forum are hosting a webinar that looks to outline what mining companies can do over the next five years to establish the building blocks necessary to deliver a sustainable AI future. Production uptime, employment, safety and data management are key words linked to AI, but how can the industry achieve more immediate results when investing in technology to do so?

The webinar will unpack:

  • What does AI really mean? How does it differ from the modernisation and mechanisation technologies currently on offer?
  • Preparing for an AI world – what is required over the next five years to build a sustainable AI future beyond this?
  • The real challenges and benefits associated with AI technologies in mining
  • Where in the world is AI in mining truly working?
  • The importance of aligning with academic institutions who hold the stepping-stones to AI.

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