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    Near Surface Geoscience Conference & Exhibition - EAGE

    Bordeaux, France

    EAGE Near Surface Geoscience Division is arranging the Near Surface Geoscience Conference & Exhibition 2021 to be held in Bordeaux, France, from 29 August  to 2 September 2021.

    This year’s event will be hosted for the first time in Bordeaux, where EAGE will introduce the 1st Conference on Hydrogeophysics alongside the 27th European Meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics, and the 2nd Conference on Geophysics for Infrastructure Planning, Monitoring and BIM. Without a doubt the main conference and the two parallel meetings cover topics that are of societal relevance for the whole world and our near-surface geoscience community.

    EAGE division organises focused conferences and responds to the need of its members by providing new and attractive topics that can provide an environment to move the science and technology forward while also addressing the need of our society. Bordeaux is a hub for non-destructive testing (NDT) in France and French companies are on the forefront of developing complex infrastructures such as high-speed trains, underground facilities as well as bridges, airports and shipping ports. This is therefore a great opportunity to welcome newcomers to the event, particularly to the Infrastructure Planning, Monitoring and BIM conference. Design and civil engineers, city planners and geotechnical communities are welcomed to take an active role in the conference after a successful presence in the NSG2019 in the Hague.

    Water and natural resources in a rapidly changing climate and their implications to build a resilience society are not hidden from NGOs and governmental bodies. The introduction of the Hydrogeophysics parallel conference aims to connect the science with the public sectors and governmental entities, and these communities are welcomed to attending and exchanging their knowledge and needs with EAGE Division in Bordeaux.

    Registration will open on 1st April 2021.

    For more information about this event, please check the dedicated website.