Gender Equality

EuroGeoSurveys Gender Equality Plan

EuroGeoSurveys (EGS), in all its operations, is committed to promoting equality and preventing discrimination. EGS aims to promote equality and to create an atmosphere of respect for diversity, a sense of community bound by trust, and to eliminate structures, cultures, and behaviours that create or sustain inequality. This plan outlines the organizational framework for addressing Gender Equality in EGS and the actions proposed for 2022. The plan is available on the EGS website and will be revised annually.

 Organizational framework

  • In March 2022, EGS established a Gender Equality Working Group which committed to:
  • Development, implementation, and periodic review of a Gender Equality Plan
  • Annual assessment and reporting of gender equality in EGS
  • Initiatives to promote knowledge of, and organizational cultural integration of, gender equality
  • Periodic training for staff in gender equality relating to recruitment, leadership, and work-life balance.


  • Ensure that gender has no bearing on salary
  • Maintain equal access to workplace information for all staff and job applicants
  • Maintain equal workplace and development opportunities for all staff
  • Maintain a workplace free from sexual harassment

Proposed Actions for 2022

  • EGS Gender Equality Plan to be approved by EGS Secretary General
  • Distribute the Gender Equality Plan to all employees
  • Annual training for all staff in, e.g., equality and diversity awareness, unconscious bias, systemic structural barriers, gender competence development
  • Specifically formulate job advertisements to avoid undue advantage to either gender
  • Establish a reporting procedure for harassment and ensure staff are aware of the procedure
  • Address harassment, discrimination, gender bias, and work life balance specifically during annual reviews and incorporate feedback into reviews of the Gender Equality Plan, if relevant
  • Annual assessment of gender-based statistics: EGS Secretariat staff, staff by seniority, parental leave, salaries and reporting in the ExCom report
  • Two-yearly reporting of gender-based statistics of and to the EGS community
  • Three-yearly assessment of EGS salaries compared with gender, to coincide with job profile and salary benchmarking and reporting in the ExCom report
  • Endorse flexible working arrangements where necessary for provision of care, regardless of care type.

The gender equality plan of EuroGeoSurveys is in place. Click here to view/download (PDF).