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The Project

The Minerals4EU project will first establish the EU Minerals Intelligence Network structure, comprising European minerals data providers and stakeholders, and transform this into a sustainable operational service. Minerals4EU will deliver a web portal, a European Minerals Yearbook and foresight studies.

The project will, therefore, contribute to and support decision making on the policy and adaptation strategies of the Commission, as well as supporting the security of EU resource and raw materials supply, by developing a network structure with mineral information data and products, based on authoritative of information sources. The network will provide data, information and knowledge on mineral resources around Europe, based on an accepted business model, making a fundamental contribution to the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials (EIP RM), seen by the Competitiveness Council as key for the successful implementation of the major EU2020 policies.

The Minerals4EU project is built around an INSPIRE compatible infrastructure that enables EU geological surveys and other partners to share mineral information and knowledge, and stakeholders to find, view and acquire standardized and harmonized georesource and related data.

Targets and Aims

The target of the Minerals4EU project is to integrate the best available mineral expertise and information based on the knowledge base of member geological surveys and other relevant stakeholders, in support of public policy-making, industry, society, communication and education purposes at European and international levels.

The Minerals4EU consortium possesses the skills and resources to make this the leading European mineral information network structure that will provide tools and expertise to enhance resource efficiency, minerals supply security and support sustainable mineral development for Europe.

The Minerals4EU study is an EU Research project under the 7th Framework Program. It includes 31 partners coordinated by the Geological Surveys of Finland (GTK).