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The Project

The main objective of the project is to develop an information and policy support system for sustainable supply of energy and mineral resources in Europe (EuroGeoSource). The system will allow users to identify, access, use and reuse aggregated geographical information on geo-energy and mineral resources, covering at least ten European countries. The multilingual system will provide basic services for the visualization and overlay of the information layers obtained from distributed sources, as well as more advanced spatial and temporal analysis on the data. The implemented solutions will be in accordance with OGC specifications and compliant with the INSPIRE Directive. The developed web services will enable the creation of value-added services (such as demand-supply modeling) by third parties.
Targets and Aims

EuroGeoSource is aimed at users from the European Commission (EC), including the EC Directorate-General for Energy and Transport, EuroStat, the EC Joint Research Centre Institute for Energy, commercial parties (oil gas and mining companies, investment companies), geological surveys, research institutes and universities, and (inter-)national geo-energy and mining authorities.

EuroGeoSource is a three year project funded by the ICT PSP Call, theme 6.2 Geographic information. It started in April 2010 and will end in April 2013. The project is divided over 11 work packages and the project consortium consists of 11 geological surveys, 2 commercial companies, and one university.