The Project

Seeking answers to the challenges of natural and man-made disasters, securing natural resources, and adapting to climate change are driving the need to provide multidisciplinary knowledge for both the public and private decision makers. Finding solutions to these challenges depends absolutely on spatial geological data, being easily accessible. 

The OneGeology-Europe project (1G-E) has made geological spatial data held by the GeologicalSurveys of Europe more easily discoverable, accessible and shareable. . It made a significant contribution to the progress of INSPIRE – i.e. develop systems and protocols to better enable the discovery, viewing, downloading and sharing of core European spatial geological data.

This project succeeded in developing a harmonised datamodel (based on existing international standards) for 1:1 million geological map data, and serving these data for 21 countries through OGC-compliant web services in a multilingual portal in 18 languages. The project also succeeded in developing a single license for use of these data. However, even in this project a large number of European countries did NOT participate, including Austria, Greece, Iceland, Switzerland, and most of the Balkan countries. Also, although OneGeology- Europe provided a very good start for exploring harmonisation of shared data, the usefulness of 1:1million map data is limited for many applications. Because of the success and attention received by OneGeology-Europe, the EuroGeoSurveys Board of Directors has recently decided to extend the coverage of OneGeology-Europe by adding additional countries’ maps to the portal (9 countries have agreed to do this), as well as increase the resolution to at least 1:250.000 (if data are available). This effort will be carried out on the basis if EuroGeoSurveys members’ own resources.

Targets and Aims

Rich geological data does exist in each European national geological survey, but it was exceptionally difficult to discover, and it existed in different formats and was made available via different services, with different access conditions.

OneGeology-Europe aims to create dynamic digital geological map data for Europe. This will not only allow researchers, consultants, environmentalists, construction and water industries, house builders, planners and local, regional and central governments to make more informed decisions about the resources underlying Europe, but also provide you with the means to find out just what lies beneath your feet.


The project is funded by the European Commission’s DG Information Society and Media. OneGeology-Europe has 29 partners within the consortium from 20 nations.

To expand on the success of OneGeology-Europe and broaden the scope of pan-European geological information available to EU institutions, stakeholders and the public, 1G-E was adapted to create the European Geological Data Infrastructure (EGDI), launched by EuroGeoSurveys in 2016. All data developed under the 1G-E project, and many more projects that have followed, can now be found in the EGDI portal: