The project

The ThermoMap project focuses on fostering the information environment on shallow geothermal potential across Europe. The key objective of the ThermoMap project is to provide an adequate, area-covering estimation of the superficial geothermal potential (up to 10 metres) of the nine countries which are involved in this project (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Romania and United Kingdom) on a large to medium scale. To achieve this objective ThermoMap will develop a strategy to combine already existing data sets in the partner countries for an area-wide visualization of shallow geothermic resources by soil, climatological, topographical, geological, groundwater and administrative data.

The research into the superficial geothermal potential for this project is divided into two parts: the first part is the appraisal within 14 Test Areas within the nine different partner countries for the estimation on a large scale level subdivided into three depth layers up to 10 meters. The second part is the estimation of the superficial geothermal potential for the whole partner country illustrated by means of an Outline Map on a medium-scale level (1 : 250,000).

In general, the project is divided into three phases: firstly the data collection and data harmonisation, secondly the set up of the model including processing, analysis and visualization of the geodata, and finally the validation of the results (testing).

Targets and Aims

Very shallow geothermal systems can be very cost efficient with fast payback times. In addition, the installation and operation of these systems is less restricted than with deeper, vertical systems. In spite of this, less information is available for horizontal systems and superficial resources. Some data does exist, however, much of it is unavailable to the public.

The ThermoMap project brings together this information in an easily accessible way. It increases the use of spatial data by public and private sector organisations and citizens especially in the field of superficial geothermal resources. ThermoMaps also aims to the harmonisation of geographical information for superficial geothermal resources across Europe and to make the digital content exploited by citizens, governments and businesses (overall target of the programme).


The ThermoMap project is an EC co-funded project (FP7-ICT Policy Support Programme) involving 12 participating project partners of 9 EU member states: ISOR (Iceland), BGS (United Kingdom), BRGM (France), RBINS EGEC (Belgium), REHAU and GBI FAU (Germany), PLUS (Austria), MAFI (Hungary), IGR (Romania) and IGME (Greece).